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Building a Beauty Brand

7 Jun 2015 | Added by Rachel Cartledge

Graft-A-Lash Director Patricia Cook


The Graft-A-Lash story



Graft-A-Lash is the original eyelash grafting company in Australia. When founder and director Patricia Cook started the brand in 2000, she had no idea how far the brand would go, or that she was setting the standard for a new beauty trend in Australia.


Patricia commenced her career in the industry training as a beauty therapist thirty five years ago, and in short time stepped out with a salon of her own in beautiful Port Macquarie.


Those humble beginnings were just the start of what was to come. Patricia said with a strong desire to succeed she was able to the pave the way to her goals with dedication, hard work, long hours and loyal staff, she says.


Eventually her experiences lead her to the sun of the Gold Coast and a new business opportunity with an old friend with the opening in Burleigh Heads of The Gold Coast Training Academy.


A second academy in Coolangatta and 19 years later, Patricia was already working on developing the Graft-A-Lash brand when she sold the Academy, with thousands of qualified beauty therapists trained through the doors.


“My love of teaching and assisting young women achieve a sound commencement in the beauty world was constantly being rewarded,” Patricia says of those times.


In those years Patricia also participated in the writing of the first competency based Beauty Diploma Course for the Australian Industry, used as the basis for the National Training Package used by all Recognised Training Organisations (RTOs) today. Patricia later applied these principals and experience in developing Graft-A-Lash’s Certified Training.


Being on the cusp of the latest beauty trends, Patricia saw the potential for a quality eyelash grafting product in Australia, where individual lashes are grafted onto the real lash for a natural and semi-permanent result.


She used her extensive knowledge of the industry to create a product that not only offered technicians everything needed to provide specialist eyelash grafting services, but offered the training and support needed for salons and technicians to embark on what has since proven to be one of the biggest beauty success stories of this century.


Just five years after the initial launch of Graft-A-Lash at the Melbourne Trade show, the product was being trained and used in salons right across Australia and New Zealand. The service became so popular it was widely embraced by the industry as a must-have service, and copy cat brands started popping up in competition.


“Looking back it seems incredible that thirty five years have flown by since I embarked on an early career change in the beauty industry,” Patricia said.


Regular trips to international Beauty Expos help keep Patricia up to date in the importing and distributing of innovative concepts to complement the Graft-A-Lash brand, such as the very popular Swarovski Crystal Tooth JewelThe Graft-A-Lash teams, popular with the younger market.


Patricia said the silk lashes developed by Graft-A-Lash offer a natural look for women not blessed with long lashes, while the range of styles, colours, lengths, curl and thickness also offer the client various looks from a business look to party and glamour.


Today Graft-A-Lash is a recognised and trusted brand with trainers and distributors available in all states, certifying and supplying the best salons and technicians across the country.


For more information, contact Graft-A-Lash via email on info@graft-a-lash.com


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