All You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Lash Salon

female getting lash extensions by beauty artist

Have you ever wanted to have our own lash salon, but weren’t sure where to start? Starting your own lash salon can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and with a good set up, it’s a lot more doable than you might think. Here’s my advice on what you’ll need to start up a salon and[Learn More…]

Six big no-no’s of applying lash extensions

Attractive lady with silk eyelash extensions

As any lash artist knows, applying lash extensions is an art that requires a lot of care and precision. Getting the application right is crucial, as even a small mistake can result in disastrous consequences. To do the best job possible for your clients, it’s worth knowing some of the common mistakes to avoid: Isolation[Learn More…]

What’s The Difference Between a J and D Curl Lash Extensions?

Ever heard lash artists talk about ‘j’ and ‘d’ curls and wondered what they were talking about? You’re not alone – many people don’t know or ask what curl their lash artist is applying to their lashes! If you want to become a lash artist, however, they’re crucial terms to have in your vocabulary. So,[Learn More…]

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