Eyelash Bonder

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HOLD TIGHT Lash Bonder by Graft A Lash

Size -15ml

Shelf Life – 12 months from opening. 24 months unopened.


No more days of waiting 12- 24 hours for lash adhesive to cure.

Groundbreaking new bonder technology cures lash glue almost immediately and clients can get lashes wet in as little as 3 minutes!!


Hold Tight Super Bonder cures the glue and adds elasticity to the adhesive giving additional flexibility that ensures the bonds don’t break as easily, therefore resulting in better retention.


After lashing is completed

Apply 1 drop of bonder to your jade stone, using a micro stick or wand apply a thin film of bonder along the base of the lashes. Do not soak the lashes.


Dry  the lash extensions as normal for 1 – 2 minutes. Complete.

Clients can get caught in the rain on the way out!

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