Top Speed Glue 2ml


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Top Speed Glue 2ml

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Top Speed, 1 second dry time 2ml

The same as the 10ml top speed glue.

2ml glue is great for the part-time or travelling lash artist, as you can cut the top off as required. when the glue drys in the cap (as they often do) the nib/tip can be cut down multiple times for convenience. Also a great way for eyelash artists to try the Graft-A-Lash brand with the great price point.

Once tip is cut you may also like to put a sewing pin in the top to prevent any sticking when travelling.

Squeeze 1 drop, wipe cap/ tip of glue nib, replace cap immediately. Keep away from Heat + Light, shake bottle for 20-30 seconds prior to use.

How to store your glue

Humidity 50-70%, Temperature 22-26 Degrees Celsius

Cruelty free & contains no animal products or animal testing.

Latex Free

MSDS available on request

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