Eyelash Extension Professional Kit


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Professional Kit

Professional Graft-A-Lash Kit

450 FULL SETS (based on recommended 80 lashes per set)

The professional eyelash extension kit if for a salon or training facility with enough product for 4 people to work from at one time. Please note this does not include 4 of everything (some products are designed to share).

1 x large metal case
4 x double sided brush/comb
4 x scissors
8 x tweezers
2 x oil free eye make-up remover
2 x black adhesive glue
2 x glue remover cream
200 x micro fibre sticks (for use with glue remover)
4 x air pump
4 x jade stones (for glue dispensing)
4 x silicone lash pads with case (to hold lashes when grafting)
50 x disposable mascara wands
4 x Mascara (to use with eyelash extensions)
20 x packets of lint free eye pads (to secure bottom lashes)
4 x Paper tape rolls
2 x pre prep cleansing pads x75 (primer)

1 x USB consisting of eyelash extension demonstrations

20 x After care cards


8 x Lash tray (different sizes, thicknesses and curls)

2 x Lash Pots (different sizes, thicknesses and curls)

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