Eyelash Extension Starter Kit


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Starter Graft-A-Lash Kit

Starter Graft-A-Lash Kit

Eyelash Extension Kit

200 FULL SETS (based on 60 lashes per set)

(1 Person can use the kit per time)

1 x stylish aluminium carry case
1 x 2-way comb
1 x scissors
2 x tweezers
1 x black adhesive glue
1 x glue remover cream
100 x micro fibre sticks (for use with Cream Remover)
1 x air pump (to dry lashes)
1 x jade stone (for glue dispensing)
1 x silicone lash pad with case (to place lashes when grafting)
1 x finishing fouch mascara
10 x packets lint free eye pads (to secure bottom lashes)
75 x pre prep cleansing pads (primer)

1 x paper tape (to secure bottom lashes)

10 x after care cards

MSD sheets are available on request

8 x lash trays (different curls and thicknesses)


FREE listing on Graft-A-Lash SALON FINDER (at your request) on certification