Silk Volume Russian Lashes


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Silk Volume Russian Lashes


Silk Volume Russian Lashes

0.07 & 0.10 for building your own eyelash fans, the original ‘Russian’ lash technique can be layered to give a full fan effect to the natural lash line. For experienced and trained lash artists only. 0.10 can be used on very fine weak natural lashes or on the inner corner of the lash line where natural lashes are usually finer.


Various Length and Thickness available. Choose from :

– B Curl, 0.10 thick, 8/9/10 Mixed tray

-B Curl, 0.10 thick, 11/12/13 Mixed tray

One length per tray:

-C Curl, 0.07 thick, 8mm

-C Curl, 0.07 thick, 9mm

-C Curl, 0.07 thick, 10mm

-C Curl, 0.07 thick, 11mm

-C Curl, 0.07 thick, 12mm

-C Curl, 0.07 thick, 13mm



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