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Graft A Lash is the original eyelash grafting company.

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About Us

Graft A Lash is the original eyelash grafting extension supplier & training company.

100% Australian owned, Queensland base family run since 1999.

Our goal is to bring you the most up to date premium quality products with exceptional service backed by our extensive know and education.

Your lashes come in a range of thickness, styles, lengths, and curls to suit all our lash lovers.
We are continually researching and testing new and innovative products on the market so we can offer you a wide range of complementary products made to suit our strict standards

If you are looking for the best semi-permanent lash extensions please go to our Academy Finder to find a certified Graft-A-Lash technician close to you.

Would you like to become a qualified Graft-A-Lash technician?

Contact us today to find out how!

Jodie Watkins Graft A Lash

Jodie Watkins
Global Trainer

Graft A Lash is owned by nationally accredited educator Jodie Watkins
who has over 16 years training in the beauty and lash industry globally.

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At Miko & Co. we are so excited to have found a lash glue that not only we love, but clients rave about. The 1 second glue, which is the preferred glue in our salon, has the perfect consistency for lashing with great retention results on most clients. Clients are also surprised to find minimal sting once opening their eyes after treatments, compared to other glues which left them sitting by a fan waiting for the irritation to disappear.

We 100% recommend and stand behind the Graft-a-Lash glue when it comes to salon and client satisfaction.

Mish / Miko & Co

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