Frequently Asked Questions

Graft A Lash FAQ’s

How long do eyelash extensions last?

This is the million-dollar question and as lash artists, we get asked it daily.

Lash cycle

The correct answer is that an eyelash extension will last the lifecycle of the natural eyelash. Once that natural eyelash grows out too far and falls out, a new lash grows close behind it and the cycle starts again. For each person and each eyelash, this cycle is different.

A lifecycle from start to finish that is uninterrupted (meaning no rubbing, no sleeping on and no shedding) would last 90 days or approximately three months.

However, it is almost impossible not to touch, rub or cause movement to the eye, contributing to the shedding process. Therefore, we usually say lash extensions will need to be infilled every two to six weeks.


Clients with fast-growing hair cycles may need to see their lash artist every two weeks. Others, however, may have slower growing lash cycles and only need to visit every three to five weeks. As lash cycles differ between people, clients should find an experienced lash artist they can trust.

How do they feel when wearing them?

So light you can’t feel them

How long does it take to graft the lashes?

½ to 1hr depending on the amount of lashes required.

Can I wear mascara on my lash extensions?

We generally don’t recommend using mascara on lash extensions, mainly because clients don’t clean their extensions properly or may use the incorrect formula. This can damage the lashes and cause extensions to fall off.

However, if you must, you can wear mascara, but it must not be waterproof! Waterproof mascara requires oils for it to be successfully removed. Oils break down the bond of the eyelash extension glue causing them to fall off so must be avoided.

Graft-a-lash specially formulated mascara

At Graft-A-Lash we all have clients who just love their mascara and cannot stand leaving it off their lashes no matter how beautiful they look with extensions. So, we made our own water-based mascara, specifically for extensions. With no oils or harmful chemicals, its superior ultra-light watery consistency glides through lash extensions, giving them a light coating of mascara without clumping and damaging extensions.

How do I care for my new lash extensions?

Initial care

First and foremost, do not get your eyelashes wet until 24 hours after they have been done. That means NO swimming, showering and sweating. It also means that you should avoid applying products near your lashes, such as makeup and sunscreen.


After the initial 24 hour aftercare instructions have been followed you can resume your normal régime. Brush your eyelashes as much as you like with a small brush or disposable mascara wand. If you don’t have these, ask your lash artist for one to take home each time.


  • Do not play with your lash extensions
  • Do not pick or pull at the lashes
  • Do not use any oily products on the lashes
  • Be sure to only use water-based products on the eyelashes
  • Have regular infills to keep the lashes looking at their optimum.


Can I tint my lashes?

You may have a lash tint, prior to grafting.

Is the procedure safe?

There are risks associated with all skin treatments and associated treatments. It is the duty of the trained technician to explain the treatment to you in full before proceeding. Risks are at a minimum when lashes are grafted by a certified technician.

What humidity should I keep my GAL glue at?

22-26 degrees, 50-70% humidity . Store in a cool dry place away from heat and light.

Why has my glue dried up?

GAL glue has a 6 month shelf life if kept at the correct temp and humidity (see FAQ above) Be sure to wipe the nib of your glue after each use to avoid cap sticking and blocking tube.