How to Maintain your Eyelash Extensions at Home

Good lash extension care starts at home

It’s no secret that having eyelash extensions can keep you looking put together, even when you’ve just woken up. It also reduces the time it takes to get ready because you can skip the extra step of putting on mascara or false eyelashes. But eyelash extensions come with a commitment to aftercare to keep your lashes looking fuller for longer and to protect your natural lashes.

Each lash artist and lash brand has their specific guidance, so make sure you read the aftercare pamphlet or listen to your lash artist when they go through the instructions. At Graft-A-Lash, we advise the following:

Keep your lashes clean and dry for 12 to 24 hours after application

This is an important step and must be adhered to, because the first 12 to 24 hours after lash application is an optimal time. By keeping your lashes clean and dry, it gives the glue time to dry and hold on to your natural lashes, extending the life of your lash extensions. If they come into contact with water, the glue will lose its hold and you’ll find your lash extensions falling off much sooner.

Avoid sweating, saunas, swimming pools, and the sun for 12 to 24 hours

Excessive heat and damp, like in a Bikram yoga session or steamy shower, can reactivate the glue, causing your lashes to loosen, fall off, or clump together. Staying clear of these activities for 12 to 24 hours after your lash extensions are applied will give the glue time to set. After this time, you’re free to go back to doing the activities you love. However, we do recommend you fan your lashes dry after direct contact with water or sweat.

wearing sunglasses can help prolong the life of your eyelash extensions

Don’t use facials oils and heavy moisturisers near your eyes

Oil and heavy moisturisers break down the glue bonds that hold your lash extensions onto your natural lashes, reducing their life span and causing them to slowly fall off. If you need to remove eye makeup, opt for an oil-free makeup remover, as this can help your lashes last. When applying moisturiser, avoid the eye area. If you need to apply eye cream, use your ring finger to gently pat the area and make sure it’s completely dry.

Don’t touch or pick at your lashes

Avoid touching, plucking, pulling, twisting, or picking your lashes. This will cause stress to your natural eyelashes and can cause baldness, which you want to avoid.

Choosing the right eyelash eyelash extension can help complete your look

Keep them in shape

At the end of your appointment, your lash artist should give you a spooly wand to take home. Make sure you use it to gently comb through your lash extensions and brush out any kinks, keeping the desirable fan shape.

Don’t use an eyelash curler or mascara

Eyelash extensions give your natural lashes the same effect a mascara would. There’s no need to use an eyelash curler, as your extensions should provide a natural curl. All you need do is brush them gently with a spooly. If you use an eyelash curler, it will tug and pull out both your natural lashes and eyelash extensions. Try and keep away from mascara, as this will tug at the glue, which can damage the application.

Get infills every two to three weeks

Your lash extensions will gradually fall out over time as your natural lashes grow. This is completely natural. To keep your lashes looking full and fabulous, book an infill appointment with your lash artist, so they can fill in the gaps.

If your eyelash extensions are causing any pain or discomfort, get in touch with your lash artist right away. Eyelash extensions shouldn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable.

You may be reacting to the adhesive, or type of lashes, so it’s important to do a test patch before each application. If your lash artist doesn’t offer a patch test, ask for it before your service begins.

Also, be sure to check your lash artist’s credentials and certification, such as our nationally accredited eyelash extension training. If you’d like to have your eyelash extensions removed, don’t do it yourself. Ask your lash artist to remove them for you.

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