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How to Choose the right Eyelash Extensions for You

eyelash specialist glueing Graft A Lash eyelash extensions

Your ultimate guide to eyelash extensions Eyelash extensions are a great way to help you look put together with minimal effort – even if you’ve just woken up in the morning. But, if you’re new to eyelash extensions, you might be wondering which type and brand to choose.   Eyelash extensions come in different lengths, volumes,[Learn More…]

How to Take Care of your Eyelash Extensions in Summer

wearing sunglasses can help prolong the life of your eyelash extensions

Taking care of eyelash extensions outdoors in summer  As the weather gets warmer and we get out and about more, we naturally want to look our best while enjoying the heat. However, sun, water and sweat are not mascara’s friend and there’s nothing worse than getting panda eyes as you’re soaking up the rays or[Learn More…]

How to Maintain your Eyelash Extensions at Home

Good lash extension care starts at home It’s no secret that having eyelash extensions can keep you looking put together, even when you’ve just woken up. It also reduces the time it takes to get ready because you can skip the extra step of putting on mascara or false eyelashes. But eyelash extensions come with[Learn More…]

6 tips for getting eyelash extensions for your wedding day

Have your eyes shine on your wedding day with lash extensions You’ve picked the date, the venue, your bridesmaids, your dress, and your makeup. You know it’s going to be an emotional day and the last thing you want to worry about is having your fake lashes slip off, so you decide to opt for[Learn More…]

3 ways to prevent eyelash extensions from ruining your natural eyelashes

False Lash Application

We often get asked if eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes – and it’s a fair question to ask. Eyelash extensions are placed onto your existing eyelashes using a specialised type of glue. If it’s not applied correctly, there is a chance it could damage your natural lashes. Here’s how eyelash extensions can damage your[Learn More…]

Lash kit comparisons, which one is best for you?

Graft A Lash Kits

Great question, so many choices where do you start? NUMBERS- You need to think about how many lash artists will be working from this kit? How big is your salon? Do you have many staff needing to work from this kit? Once you have these answers you will be able to choose the right size[Learn More…]

Holiday Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

Young women on holidays

Here at Graft-A-Lash, we get asked about this a lot! For the most part, the answer is simple: take care of your lash extensions on holidays the same way you would every other day of the year. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind as we head into the holiday season.[Learn More…]

Six big no-no’s of applying lash extensions

Attractive lady with silk eyelash extensions

As any lash artist knows, applying lash extensions is an art that requires a lot of care and precision. Getting the application right is crucial, as even a small mistake can result in disastrous consequences. To do the best job possible for your clients, it’s worth knowing some of the common mistakes to avoid: Isolation[Learn More…]

What’s The Difference Between a J and D Curl Lash Extensions?

Ever heard lash artists talk about ‘j’ and ‘d’ curls and wondered what they were talking about? You’re not alone – many people don’t know or ask what curl their lash artist is applying to their lashes! If you want to become a lash artist, however, they’re crucial terms to have in your vocabulary. So,[Learn More…]

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