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Eyelash Extension After Care You Need to Follow For a Longer Lasting Look

Follow this After Care Advice for Exceptional Longer Lasting Eyelash Extensions Don’t Get Your Lashes Wet for the First 12-24hrs Every glue is different and every lash brand is different, but as a general rule of thumb don’t get the lashes wet for 12 to 24 hours after treatment. You need that glue to bond[Learn More…]

Common Eyelash Extension Myths & Misconceptions Explored

We Discuss the Who, What, When, Where & How’s of the Biggest Eyelash Extension Questions Out There! Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes. This is one of the most commonly asked questions and the answer is, yes, 100% if they are not done correctly by a professional eyelash artist, they can ruin your lashes. If[Learn More…]

What You Need for the Ultimate Lash Artistry Setup

Lash Salon

Apart from training, experience, skill and professional products, an exceptional eyelash extension artist needs a few other items to create the ultimate artistry setup and clean and comfortable space for clients to visit. Let’s dive into a the main needs: The Essential Must-Haves – two to three types of cleansers so if someone’s reacting or[Learn More…]

6 qualities you’ll need to become an exceptional Eyelash Artist

Eyelash Trainer Giving Tips of the Trade to Beauty Students

What are the qualities of an exceptional lash artist and how can you become one? The qualities of an exceptional eyelash artist are revealed right here: Lets go! Learn from The Best First and foremost, a great lash artist must have good training behind them. Great training and a great education, comes from a great[Learn More…]

What Are the Different Lash Types & When Would You Use Them?

Graft A Lash Silk Eyelashes

There are variety of eyelash extension types that fall into two main categories – single lashes and volume lashes. But what defines the two types and who would use them? It’s vital to know this difference as a lash technician so that you are applying the right types on the right clients, but it’s also[Learn More…]

Which is better: lash pots or trays?

What is the difference between the two? The difference is mainly convenience. When eyelash extensions first appeared in Australia back in 1999, pots were the only container you were able to buy extensions in. Hundreds – even thousands – of individual lash extensions were packed into pots. Lash artists then selected each one with tweezers[Learn More…]

Holiday Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

Young women on holidays

Here at Graft-A-Lash, we get asked about this a lot! For the most part, the answer is simple: take care of your lash extensions on holidays the same way you would every other day of the year. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind as we head into the holiday season.[Learn More…]

What’s The Difference Between a J and D Curl Lash Extensions?

Ever heard lash artists talk about ‘j’ and ‘d’ curls and wondered what they were talking about? You’re not alone – many people don’t know or ask what curl their lash artist is applying to their lashes! If you want to become a lash artist, however, they’re crucial terms to have in your vocabulary. So,[Learn More…]

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