What’s The Difference Between a J and D Curl Lash Extensions?

Ever heard lash artists talk about ‘j’ and ‘d’ curls and wondered what they were talking about? You’re not alone – many people don’t know or ask what curl their lash artist is applying to their lashes! If you want to become a lash artist, however, they’re crucial terms to have in your vocabulary. So, what are j and d curls? And why are they named after a letter of the alphabet?

Well, quite simply, the letters relate to the strength of a curl and how it best represents a lower-case letter of the alphabet. The j curl, for example, looks like the letter j. It’s mainly straight along the stem of the extension, then the last quarter of the lash tip curls up.

J Curl lashes

J curl lashes are great for those with straight, natural looking lashes or flat, even downward facing natural eyelashes. It’s the subtlest curl of the extensions available and can give the tip of your natural lash a lift. This is done by completely coating the natural lash with the glue and placing the extension on the tip of the natural eyelash to wrap up and around the j curve. The result gives lift to a flat, straight or downward-facing lash. A very popular lash option, it’s also the easiest to apply for beginners, due to the subtleness of the curl.

D Curl lashes

For the d curl, think about a lower case ‘j’. It starts fairly straight like the j, but it has a stronger curve that curls back and gives more definition than a j curl.

D curl lashes are a little more difficult for beginners to pick up and apply due to the strength of this curl. A client needs to have a fairly strong curl to their natural eyelash to hold the j curl securely in place.

long eyelash extensions


Correct placement of the lash is crucial for creating these curling effects. Unfortunately, some lash artists use the d curl on the wrong natural lash, leaving a lot of separation along the stem of the lash and not giving enough bonding room between the extension and natural lash. This makes the extension less likely to hold on than if the natural lashes were glued together and covering a larger area of the extension.

Professional Advice

I would personally recommend only experienced lash artists use a d curl extension. If you’re a beginner lash artist, stick with j, b and c curl extensions – they are the most natural looking and are as realistic as we can get to our own natural eyelash curls! They will also be much easier for you to apply as a beginner when you have so many other areas to focus on.

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