Eyelash Extension After Care You Need to Follow For a Longer Lasting Look

Follow this After Care Advice for Exceptional Longer Lasting Eyelash Extensions

Don’t Get Your Lashes Wet for the First 12-24hrs

Every glue is different and every lash brand is different, but as a general rule of thumb don’t get the lashes wet for 12 to 24 hours after treatment. You need that glue to bond and cure over 12 hours, at least. Once it’s set, that’s it. It’s not coming off until that eyelash falls out. It’s the only way to get it off or with a glue remover.

Absolutely Avoid Picking & Pulling at Your Extensions

Don’t ever pick at the lashes or pull at the lashes or twist them because you’ll actually pull out the natural eyelash. You won’t pull off the extension ever – it’s stuck and it’s not coming off. You actually pull out your own eyelash. So don’t pick, pull or twist them and you won’t do damage to either.

Gently Brush Your Lashes Daily

Another great aftercare action is to brush your lashes daily. They are little fibers, so they do crossover and they’ll blow in the wind and they’ll look messy. Use a disposable mascara wand (spoolie) and gently brush lashes upwards morning and night so that they sit up perfectly and look better for longer.

Use Lash Shampoo to Keep Your Lashes Clean

Your lash shampoo is a must at least once a day. Ideally, morning and night would be perfect to remove all of the oil and dirt, grease, makeup, sweat and whatever else. Lash shampoo or an oil-free eye makeup remover as well, at least once a day. And then also just keeping them clean and free of mascara as much as possible.

Only Use Water-Based Mascara & Only if You’re Ready for Infills

If you do have to use a mascara, if you’re ready for your infills and you’ve got a few missing, make sure it’s a water-based mascara. It’s got to come off easily and can’t be clogged up and breaking down those lash extensions, so it’s got to be water-based. Opt for the quality too for some nourishment as well. You can also use an eyelash growth serum. Our Graft-a-Lash growth serum {link to growth serum} doesn’t contain any oil, so you can safely apply it to extensions, no problems, and that will help with the health of your actual natural lashes while they’re growing.

Avoid Oil-Based Products Around the Eyes

We also strongly advice to be very mindful using oil based products. For example, your eye cream, make sure that you don’t get it on the lashes. When you’re wearing sunscreen be careful to go right around the eyes. Any oil based products you must keep off the lashes because oil is what breaks down the glue. They will slowly just start coming off. So no oil on those lash extensions. It doesn’t mean you can’t have oil on your face, at all. We want that, but not on those lashes or really close to that lash line because that will obviously make them fall off.

Book Your Next Infill Appointment on the Spot

If you want to keep your lashes looking good, you must go for regular infills. Every single client’s lash cycle is different. Some clients might need them every two weeks, some might go three, some might be able to get away with four week infills. But to keep them looking optimum and beautiful, you need to be getting regular infills. So when you start seeing them fall out and you start finding gaps, if you’ve got a great or exceptional lash artist, then they should know that for you and have you booked in. Don’t miss that appointment because then they’ll start looking gappy, messy and untidy, and nobody likes that!

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