Common Eyelash Extension Myths & Misconceptions Explored

We Discuss the Who, What, When, Where & How’s of the Biggest Eyelash Extension Questions Out There!

Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and the answer is, yes, 100% if they are not done correctly by a professional eyelash artist, they can ruin your lashes. If they don’t use correct weights, if they don’t use premium quality products, if they don’t use clean, sanitized tools, equipment and hands, if they don’t give great aftercare, and the client doesn’t follow this, 100% your eyelashes will be ruined and damaged.

If the lash artist doesn’t isolate the lashes, if they don’t place them one on one – one extension to one lash, whether it’s a lash fan, or whatever it may be – it must go on one only and never stick to the lash beside it, next to it, under it, over it, because that is what will cause all of those long-term issues.

If your lash extensions are done correctly, and they’re isolated, they’re placed well, they’re not too heavy, they’re not too curly, they’re not too long for your natural lash health, then they will not ruin your eyelashes. That extension will grow out with the natural lash on its own, and drop out as per the lash cycle, and a new lash will be growing right behind it and come out just days later. And there’s your new lash growth cycle when you then go in for your infills and extensions placed on that. And it grows out and falls out just the same. So, this is probably one of the biggest myths, yet truths of eyelash extensions.

Extension don’t last very long.

There’s many reasons they wouldn’t last and they would. So it’s not a myth – rather, it’s also a myth and a truth. So they wouldn’t last very long if you weren’t taking care of them. If you weren’t following the aftercare you can expect they won’t last very long: if you’ve got them wet within the first 12 hours, all your aftercare, cleaning them, not picking at them and pulling them, etc. The client not following the correct advice obviously is going to be the biggest issue when it comes to longevity.

If you do look after them, if you follow your lash artist aftercare advice and you listen and take on board what they’re saying, then they will 100% last for the life of the natural lash. That can range, obviously, from person to person as per your lash life cycle and the health of your natural hair and eyelashes. So extensions can last from weeks to months depending on this and it is absolutely different for every client.

Extension are a permanent solution.

Eyelash extensions are not permanent, they are only semi because they fall out as each lash grows. So no such thing as lashes as permanent as a tattoo!

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