Holiday Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

Here at Graft-A-Lash, we get asked about this a lot! For the most part, the answer is simple: take care of your lash extensions on holidays the same way you would every other day of the year.

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind as we head into the holiday season. Wherever you plan to be over the Christmas months, here’s my advice on keeping your lashes looking gorgeous.


When it comes to looking after your lash extensions, there’s one crucial thing to remember: oil is not your friend. Oil breaks down the adhesives in the extensions, making it harder for them to stick to your lash line. Avoid using oily products like eye makeup removers, waterproof mascara, eyeliner pencils and cream-based eyeshadows along the lash line and on the eyelashes. Keep in mind that sunscreen also contains many different oils, so be careful around the eye area, particularly along the lash line and extensions.

It’s also important to brush your extensions morning and night with the brush your lash artist provided you with. This will help your lashes to maintain their original shape and prevent them from crisscrossing.

Lash Technician Installing Eyelash Extensions

Personal Care

In a lot of ways, personal care when you’re on holiday isn’t much different than when you’re at home. As always, don’t pick, pull or tug at your extensions. If you pull them out this could cause long-term damage to the natural lash that is attached and still growing.

If you’re having an island holiday where a lot of swimming will be done, keep in mind that this may shorten the life of your extension. Again, this comes back to the problems caused by excess oil. The increased temperature and heat can cause you to sweat more, producing natural oils that can run into your lash extensions. These natural oils can affect the glue bonding process, causing your lashes to start falling away more quickly.

If you will be doing a lot of swimming in chlorinated pools you may also want to be mindful of how long you’re spending underwater, as chlorine can shorten the lifespan of the extension’s bond to the natural lash.

At the end of the day, the best thing to do on vacation is to go makeup-free, get some rest and relax.  This will be good for your mind, your body AND your lash extensions!

Lash Extensions

Cooler Climates

In cooler climates, there will be less sweating to interfere with the glue bonding. Lower temperatures don’t generally affect the lash bonding process unless it is during an application of new extensions.

That means if you’re having a cooler climate holiday, nothing needs to change apart from what you already know: no picking, pulling or twisting, brush each day and avoid oils on the lashes.

If you’re going to the snow, don’t stay out too long or your eyelashes may freeze and snap off… JUST KIDDING!! Enjoy the snow!

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