All You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Lash Salon

Have you ever wanted to have our own lash salon, but weren’t sure where to start? Starting your own lash salon can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and with a good set up, it’s a lot more doable than you might think.

Here’s my advice on what you’ll need to start up a salon and how to make it happen.

Lash Kits

First and foremost, a lash kit is the best place to begin. Lash kits contain almost everything you’ll need to get started and will be your ultimate resource.

When selecting a kit, it’s important to make sure you have a wide variety of lashes, as this allows you to cater to a wide range of clients. Our Graft-A-Lash kits contain a range of lash extensions of many different sizes, lengths and thicknesses.

This will give you options when choosing your client’s style of lashes, allowing you to best meet their unique needs.

As well as the lashes themselves, other useful tools to have in your lash kit include:

  • Tweezers in various styles.
  • A lash puffer, or blower, to dry the lashes after application.
  • Glue to apply the eyelash extensions on to the lashes.
  • Oil-free eye makeup remover. It is extremely important to have products and prep materials that are oil-free. If there are any oils or residue left on the natural eyelash, the extensions will not adhere or bond to the natural lashes. This could result in the extensions falling off after only a day – a major disappointment for your client!
  • Lint-free eye pads or micropore tape to protect the lower lash line. Make sure you use reputable products, made specifically for the skin and sensitive eye area.


Graft-A-Lash Kits

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Professional Products

I always advise people to spend money on their eyelash extensions and related products, as the eye area can be very sensitive and clients can react to the smallest ingredients.

The eyes are highly sensitive and reactive so it’s important you only purchase professional brands with long and reputable histories within the industry. Check out the background and quality control they have, as well as proof of TGA and FDA approval for your country.


Removal cream or gel is also essential for your lash kit. These are for when clients ask for the removal of lashes, or when they come back for infills and the lash extension has grown out quite far but has not shed. In these situations, you may want to remove the existing extension and apply a new one.

With the use of the remover, there is no damage to the natural eyelash at all.

Graft A Lash Eye Makeup Remover Oil Free 125ml


Salon Furniture

In addition to a good lash kit, there are a few key items of furniture you’ll need for your salon. The number one essential is a massage table or lay-back chair for clients to lie on comfortably while you perform their lash extensions.

It will also be helpful to have a source of good light, such as a magnifying lamp or led light. This allows you to perform the intricate detailing of eyelash extensions applications without causing any strain to your eyesight.

You’ll also need a comfortable adjustable stool or chair, so you can sit at the right height to see your client’s lash line clearly. Once your seat is correctly adjusted, sit upright with both feet flat on the floor. This will help ensure your shoulders and neck have no excess strain or pressure on them.

Once you’ve got the essential furniture sorted, the rest is up to you! Shop around for mirrors, chairs, desk and waiting area furniture that suit the aesthetic and size of your salon.

Lash Artist applying eyelash extensions


Setting up appointments

Finally, to help you run your salon, you’ll need booking software to co-ordinate and keep track of your appointments. This may come in the form of a booking system or an app.

The software programme Shortcuts, for example, is a booking system specifically designed for appointments in the beauty industry. Technology these days can be used for a range of admin tasks, so make use of it where you can!

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