6 qualities you’ll need to become an exceptional Eyelash Artist

What are the qualities of an exceptional lash artist and how can you become one?

The qualities of an exceptional eyelash artist are revealed right here: Lets go!

Learn from The Best

First and foremost, a great lash artist must have good training behind them. Great training and a great education, comes from a great trainer who delivers the best eyelash extension courses.

You can’t learn that from somebody who’s been eye-lashing for 12 months or even two years. It really takes years and years and years of practice and failures, helping clients with concerns, issues and problems, practice with different eye shapes, and different needs and skin, and all of that. It’s years and years of knowledge.

So you’ve got to look to the correct trainers for that kind of wisdom, the extras if you will, they can impart and pass on that valubale knowledge to you.

Lash Trainer Showing Students how to apply false eyelashes

Lash teacher educating students on lash tips

Consistency Counts

Get yourself educated, and then do it – do the work over and over and over. Obviously you need to be doing clients daily, all the time. You can’t just do one or two clients a week and think that you’re going to be the greatest lash technician of all time.

It has to be consistent daily practice as it’s a very technical skill to develop. It’s like exercising, you’ve got to do it all the time, otherwise, you’re really sore all the time and you’ve not built up enough muscle memory to do it expertly. Consistency counts!

Upskill to Remain Relevant

If you’ve practised daily and you’re doing clients continually, three years of experience minimum, plus the drive and desire to continually update yourself with new skills would put in you the top percentile of exceptional lash artists.

So if you’re not doing any kind of training, updating practices, or attending seminars and conferences, even beauty expos and lash shows annually, then they are factors to consider improving to remain relevant in a competitive industry.

Because things can change quickly you need to keep updating and learning, practising your skills with new and improved techniques, tools and styles.

Keeping your finger on the pulse and immersing yourself in your craft is such an important part of being an exceptional lash artist.

TAFE Eyelash Extension Course Ultimo

Use the Best Quality Products & Tools

Not only is your skillset noticeable marketing and results a big factor, but it’s also using the best quality lash products before, during and after.

You can be the most amazing lash artist but if you’re using cheap, inferior quality products you’re going to damage your client’s lashes. You’re going to ruin your reputation and your clients will spread the word about you for all the wrong reasons.

It costs you a lot more time, money, and credibility, in the long run, to continually find new clients to experience your second-rate products and service.

So, invest wisely from the get-go and build a clientele of people who adore and appreciate your professional lashes, tools, procedures that take home add on products.

Provide Optimal Aftercare Advice & Solutions

A lot of people don’t give good aftercare and it shows in their client return rate.

One of the most common complaints from clients, when we deliver detailed aftercare advice and solutions, is, “Oh, I get my lashes done all the time, and I’ve never been told how to take care of them.” We think it is such an important factor that we’ve written a whole article on aftercare, after-sales service and checking up on your clients.

An truly successful, profitable and smart lash artist will always provide the client with everything they need to take the very best care of their lash extensions at home, work, during summer, sports and so on.

Actually caring about your work and not just sticking something on and saying ‘see you later’ matters massively, and it’s something we must continue to change as a collective of professionals for the betterment of the entire beauty business.

Client having silk eyelash extensions applied


Products that an exceptional lash artist should absolutely recommend…

Lash shampoo is often so overlooked in aftercare recommendations and yet it can make such a big difference. Clients absolutely need to clean their lashes. Dirt, oil, and sweat is a daily occurrence.

Even if you never wear makeup in your life, your skin is still producing oil, sweating, skin shedding onto those lash extensions. So lash shampoo or a lash cleanser of some kind is an absolute must every day.

So have the quality training behind you, keep up-skilling and learning about all facets of the craft and the industry, really commit to and invest in using quality products, and genuinely care about your client and the health and longevity of their eyelash extensions that you so lovingly applied.

You will be well on your way to becoming an exceptional lash artist with these steps consistently executed.


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