What You Need for the Ultimate Lash Artistry Setup

Apart from training, experience, skill and professional products, an exceptional eyelash extension artist needs a few other items to create the ultimate artistry setup and clean and comfortable space for clients to visit. Let’s dive into a the main needs:

The Essential Must-Haves

– two to three types of cleansers so if someone’s reacting or there’s client allergies, you’ve got something that you can use on them
– along these same lines, depending on whether the client is wearing oil based or water based makeup, you might need a few different types of removers before you begin
– a few sets of tweezers, depending on the application and the type of eye shape and curl you’re using, lash length
– a range of lash trays with different curls, thickness, lengths for all the eye shapes
– disposables like tissues, mascara wands, lip gloss wands, which are great for cleansing or removing lashes
– hand sanitizer is always great, comes in handy
– a lip mask, so you can put that on your client and give them a treatment while they’re having their lashes done
– a mirror to show them the end result
– tape for the eyes and the eye pads
a great glue depending on your speed of application, whether that’s a one, three, or five second dry glue {link to her glues}
– some primer prep pads
– you definitely need some lash shampoo as well
– glass tiles to rest your lashes on
– foil dots to place your glue on
– have glue remover on hand in case something needs to be removed
– water in case of any kind of allergies or reactions or stinging
– a fan or a puffer of some kind to dry the lashes
– alcohol wipes to clean your tweezers before and after every client
– a pen or felt tip marker for any marking and mapping you might need to do

Beauty Bed or Massage Table

Every pro lash artist absolutely needs an adjustable massage table that can go up and down. You need a small pillow for your client’s head plus disposable bedding or paper roll if you’re not going to have to have clean linen for every client.

Adjustable Lighting

Good light is vital so that you can see those tiny little lashes up close, and we love and use the daylight duo lights with all our clients and in our local workshops. We get those from our suppliers – Taz Beauty and Barneys Salon Supplies both stock those. And they split so you can move them around. If you are really time poor and you had two clients on a bed, or doing a class, you could split that between the two and have one on each side. So they’re amazing for that ability alone as well as been affordable and a sleek non-obtrusive design for any salon or clinic space.

A Smart Stool For You

An ergonomic adjustable stool for you to do your work might seem like such an obvious piece of equipment, but it is so important. No-one can do a full roster of clients in a day without been comfortable, and an up and down adjusting stool on wheels, preferably with a foot lock function to hold still, makes a big difference to your mobility and even efficiency.

Optional Ambient Extras

A nice option is to have some soothing music or a playlist on hand if a client wishes to relax or fall asleep. It depends what the client is after – whether they like to be more chilled or whether they like to listen to the radio, their own podcast, or they’re chatty depends on each individual client. Subtly fragranced candles, oil or reed diffuses are a personal preference that you have to be careful with to avoid allergic reactions from sensitive clients, however, do make sure the space smells as clean and fresh as possible. Similarly, ensure the temperature is one that is not too hot and not too cold and have a lightweight blanket on hand just in case.

There’s so much more that you can add or even a few things you could do away with once you develop your own style, pace and particular clientele. Use this list as a guide and continue to improve and make your space your (mobile or otherwise) your own over time.

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