What Are the Different Lash Types & When Would You Use Them?

There are variety of eyelash extension types that fall into two main categories – single lashes and volume lashes. But what defines the two types and who would use them?

It’s vital to know this difference as a lash technician so that you are applying the right types on the right clients, but it’s also important if you are a client to understand the two main types so that you can manage expectations for what can actually be achieved for you. Let’s compare their characteristics now:


Single lash extensions, or classic as some people call them, is one lash extension only placed on one natural lash.

They look beautiful, they can be made to look very natural and very much like your own. Perfect for the client that wants to be a little less noticeable, wants them to look like there are their own and maybe have people say “oh wow your lashes look great” but not have people know immediately whether they are extensions or their own.

They are much more subtle and great for every day if you want to have easy breezy beautiful lashes.

lash artist applying lashes
silk eyelash extensions
new lash extensions


On the other hand, volume lashes, Russian or mega volume lashes can be pre-made fans. You can also make your own fans of 7,9,10 little tiny lashes put together to make a big fan. These are for the client that wants extreme drama, wants it to be known and noticed that they have lash extensions.

They are very visual and would never pass as your own natural lashes. They are very black, very thick, very full and great for events, for people in industry, or working professionals that want their lashes to be noticed all the time. They definitely don’t go unnoticed!

Like the name suggests, they provide a lot more volume and thickness to people with fine or minimal lashes. Volume lashes are great if you yourself have big gaps, or your client has big gaps between the natural lashes and along the lash line. The boldness of the fans spread out wide across the lashes and across the eye and lash line, making it look like you have a lot more eyelashes then you actually do.

So, in summary, you’re either going for single lashes – great for a natural look and if you’ve got good lash health and quite a lot of your own lashes – or you’re opting for volume lashes – for obviously a lot more noticeable, less natural looking, and if you have less natural lashes yourself but want to make a statement.

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