Lash kit comparisons, which one is best for you?

Great question, so many choices where do you start?

  • NUMBERS- You need to think about how many lash artists will be working from this kit?
  • How big is your salon?
  • Do you have many staff needing to work from this kit?

Once you have these answers you will be able to choose the right size eyelash kit for your needs.

If your working for yourself, have a home salon set or even mobile you probably only need a kit for 1.

Therefore our starter eyelash kit would be best for you

In the starter kit you have all you need (once trained) to start performing eyelash extensions immediately, this eyelash kit contains everything from tweezers and under eye pads to glue and a range of lashes in a variety of thickness, length and curls to suit many new clientele


eyelash extensions kit comparisons


Lets say you have a salon or work in a beauty school environment and you will have multiple lash artists working from this kit at once.

You will need to choose the Professional eyelash kit. This allows up to 4 lash artists to work from this kit at any one time. It contains 4 pairs of tweezers, 4 jade stones, a very large variety of eyelash extensions with multiple lengths, curls, thicknesses to suit hundreds of clients needs at any time.

If you have a small salon or medium freelance business then the Medium eyelash kit may be a good option. This kit allows 2 people to work from it at any one time with a great range of tools, lashes and products needed to perform hundreds of sets of eyelash extensions on a wide range of lash style requests.


Remember we also customize eyelash extension kits to suit all your needs.

In the past we have made beauty school kits to teach classes of 10 at any one time.

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