How to Stop Clients Talking During an Eyelash Extension Treatment

This is a great question that both new lash artists and experienced lash artists can struggle with. We are torn between wanting to get the lashes on as quickly and perfectly as possible and then talking, catching up, chatting with our clients that may have now become our friends.

It is a hard line to draw as we don’t want to seem rude but you know that we as lash artists can get things done easier with minimal talking.

When our client talks, their eyes move. They open slightly, they flutter and they shuffle the eye pads underneath the eye area around. This causes a whole list of issues.

The main one of course being that the glue or fumes from the glue may enter the eye and cause stinging or a reaction. The eye pads can also move slowly up and touch the eyeball or retina and cause redness and pain to the eye.

Once your client opens their eyes and goes home, their eyes may be bloodshot, bright red, inflamed, irritated or worse, then they are going to blame you!

The lash artist are not themselves for talking the whole time ? Right?

So we need be able to say or use tools to help minimize talking altogether.

You could say things like: I’m going to start your lashes now so just relax, don’t feel the need to talk, switch off and have some you time!

That’s always a good one.

Or I’m going to put on some relaxing music for you so feel free to get some rest, even have a lash nap!

Or one of my favourite tricks: Graft A Lash Gold Lip Masks!

Offer this as a special service to your valued clients or use as an add on treatment!

The lip masks offer maximum hydration to the lip area while your clients are resting and having their lashes applied. They are the perfect way to keep your clients quiet while also plumping lips, filling fine lines and drenching those lips in hydration. Filled with hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamin A and Aloe Vera.

You may want to include these in your service cost or add a small amount to cover this treatment. The lip masks are a perfect add on as well as retail at home product that clients can perform on themselves.

Did you know that the Graft A Lash Gold lip masks can be used 2 – 3 times per week morning or night.? Now you do!

Let me know what you do to help your clients relax and keep quiet!

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