Which is better: lash pots or trays?

What is the difference between the two?

The difference is mainly convenience. When eyelash extensions first appeared in Australia back in 1999, pots were the only container you were able to buy extensions in. Hundreds – even thousands – of individual lash extensions were packed into pots. Lash artists then selected each one with tweezers and placed it on a silicon pad, or fluffy puff. They then picked up each individual extension and applied it to a client’s natural lashes.

This was a very difficult and time-consuming process, however, as each lash had to be orientated on the pad. Only once it was correctly angled, was it then able to be picked up with the tweezers and applied.

As time went on, lash artists and manufacturers thought of a way to speed up this process, which led to the creation of lash trays.

Lash trays

With lash trays, the same silk eyelash extensions that came loose in pots previously would be placed or glued onto sticky strips. They were placed upright and at the correct angle, making it a lot easier to pick up each one.

They are still presented as individual eyelash extensions, all placed tightly side-by-side. However, because they stand straight up at the correct angle for pick up, it cut the time needed for lash applications almost in half.

There is no need any longer to move lashes into the correct angle for placement. The process is a lot easier now with the new lash trays.


Convenience often comes at a cost, and this is the case with lash trays. Lash trays will give you around half the number of extensions than a similarly priced lash pot.

So, if you can master the pickup, shuffle and placement that comes with using lash pots, this is a more profitable option for doing lash treatments. However, if timing and convenience are more important to you, then trays are a better choice.

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